Real Food made by Real People

sammies & salads

Since 1986!

In a world of processed franken-foods you have an alternative

Real Food.  Real Choices. Real People.

Salads and Sammies made to order from fresh ingredients, delivered, and prepared daily

Real Food

As close to homemade as you'll find anywhere

(except for mama's house, of course!)

We Season, Grill & Slice Fresh Meats In-House

No pre-boiled, vacuum packed chicken off a truck!

We Make More Than 20 Salad Dressings & Mayos On-Site

Because variety is the spice of life.

And because fresh homemade always tastes better!

Fresh Produce Delivered Daily, Then Sliced & Chopped to Order

No pre-chopped, vacuum packed, "long-life" lettuce!

We Boil & Peel our Eggs Fresh Each Morning

No pre-boiled eggs shipped-in 5-gallon buckets!

Real Cheese Sliced On-Site the Same Day it's Used

No plastic wrapped "cheese food" here!

Real Choices

So many combinations you never have to eat the same meal twice

(although many regulars choose the same delicious meal every day)


Scrummy Sammies



Specialty Breads



Mouthwatering Sides


Incredible Salads



Salad Dressings

TWO locations, FOUR ways to order & TWO ways to receive your lunch

Jackson and Ridgeland

Order online, by phone, by email or by fax

pick-up or delivery


When you call us, a REAL HUMAN PERSON will take your order

Because nobody likes talking to an answering machine!


Room Service is a robot-free zone!

Real Food.  Real Choices. Real People.